Processing Code into Arduino

Hi all,

I'm still relatively new to Arduino but excited to jump into such an open and helpful forum.

I'm looking to start a project which pulls in lines from DXF format and registers the information. I have a DXF import library in Processing already, and I dont want to rewrite everything for Arduino. So my question comes to this: If I already have the code written in processing, is there a way to interface it with Arduino? Or perhaps can I use Arduino to call up Processing libraries?

Just curious because I see that Arduino uses Processing but still has its own parts.

Thank you!


Well KE7, thank you for the reply and heads up. As I mentioned in the beginning of the thread, I am new to this forum and not entirely sure on how much and what info to post.

To clarify, what I am looking to do is to parse the coordinates from a 2d DXF file utilizing my processing library and then use these coordinates (stored in a set of arrays of course) to guide a.set of stepper motors along an X and Y plane-- similar to that of a CNC machine.

I have an arduino uno that I am working.with. Thus my question then boils down to is it possible to collect data from processing and use it to guide an arduino script?

If I am missing any info please let me know and I will try to provide it. Thank you for bearing with me.


Ps. As you mentioned that it is simply straightforward, how would I go about referencing this data? Thank you.