Processing Interface

Hey guys, I am making a room controlled by an arduino, with transistors controlling lights and SSRs controlling the sockets. I can write the code for arduino with little help (might post a query or two for the WHOLE code). But I want to be able to control all the sockets and lights through processing. Of course I can make profiles on the code of the arduino, but I want real time feedback and a presentable interface. Can anyone suggest some sources I can look into, as a last resort would it be beneficial to go through all the processing resources? Anyway, I'd be happy to receive tips on making the interface. Thanks, by the way if you don't know what I mean by interface, I mean a program of some sort, which pops up in a window, showing real time status' of lights and sockets, which can be turned off with a clock on an icon (or something similar), and I may even implement PWM on the LED spot lights, so a dimmer bar may even be implemented.

Processing doesn't have a huge amount of support for building GUIs. C# does. And, C# makes it very easy tom communicate with the serial port. Assuming you are using Windows, C# is a better choice, IMO.

Using C, what program would you recommend. I've written basic C, and obvious the Arduino program uses C, but what would you recommend?

I did something similar with processing. But i use processing to read/write the serial data and read/write from/into a mysql database. The GUI is made in PHP. I mainly use the PHP website as the GUI and set the values to the DB where Processing will get them in a cycle of a few seconds and sends the new command string to the arduino...
So the gui itself you have to make on your own, but maybe i can help you with the serial communication.

just let me know if you are interested.

Hi, checkout the processing site, they have examples, and use google.
I had a couple of programs running at one stage to control LEDs from a PC and to read back temp and light levels to display on the PC.

see, lots.

Hope it helps, Tom..... :slight_smile: