Processing of vibration signals


Please, I need some advice on my project.

The system is based on an Arduino Due, a MPU-6050 and some DC coin motors. It has to be able to detect vibration disturbances of a little table (e.g. a person hits one of its edges) and trace a correctional signal to the outputs (coin motors). They will vibrate in a frequency and intensity capacable of cancelling the disturbance.

Basically, I’m going to use the MPU-6050 to acquire vibration signals of the table, and use some control system theories embbeded on the Arduino to predict the vibration pattern of the coin motors in order to correct the vibration disturbances.

The physics and control system theories are not the problem, but I don’t know how to acquire the accelerometer signals and work on them.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Or any similiar projects?

Thanks a lot!

coin motor.PNG

There are thousands of web sites hosting tutorials and code for the MPU6050 and Arduino. Your favorite search engine will be happy to show them to you. Hint: search terms "MPU6050" and "Arduino" will work well.

Vibration Analysis is an app on your phone. You could record the vibration data using the accelerometer in your phone and then use that data as input??

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