(Processing)Problem with serial over bluetooth

Hello, i have a arduino on a robot with a bluetooth module. My problem is that the port dont show up with the println(Serial.list()) and thus cant be used. I can acces the port with others apps such as terra term or hyper terminal.It show up and give me error or don't even show up.

by port you mean the computer Bluetooth serial port? what OS are you using?

in OSX, for example, you have to initialize/create the serial port every time you connect to the Bluetooth on the Arduino. if another app creates a serial port, or the OS initializes the serial ports in a different order, you may be not selecting the Bluetooth one anymore.

more info pleaseā€¦

I still didn't find any solution, seem to be a problem with the RXTX lib of processing. I am using windows 7 x64, and i am correctly choosing the port because i can use it in others apps but as soon as i try to use it in processing it don't work anymore.