Hey guys, I'm new here

I've been trying install Processing's library (processing I've gone to sketch>Include Library> Add .ZIP Library... Then I 've selected the zip file and the following message appeared:

  • Missing 'author' from library

What must I do?

Thanks for they time

Even i am facing the same problem. I am working on Intel Galileo Gen 2 board.

I have gone to Sketch-> Import Library-> Add .zip library->> After doing this, i get a warning telling "Missing Author from Library"

Can anyone please help me??????

They probably didn't add the author field to Just open the file with a text editor and add the line: author=

It would be helpful if you post the link to where you downloaded the library.

I am having the same problem. My error is "Invalid library found in /Users/Kelly/Documents/Arduino/libraries/arduino: Missing 'author' from library". I can't even upload a simple program to my board. pert, I cannot edit the Lucas and princeJB, were you able to fix this problem?

karmington: I cannot edit the

Why can't you edit Where did you download that library from?