Alright i'm lame, i've spent now 2 hours, trying to get Arduino, to turn on a damn LED on pin 13, through processing

I've seen tutorials and example code, and now i have the code so when i use serial monitor pressing "A" it turns LED on and off, now all the tutorials say Open Processing "insert code"

Where the heck is "Open Processing"..... i've done searches on Arduino, how to open processing Arduino Processing, and i've gone through the tutorial it says in processing

import processing.serial.*

but when i put this in a sketch it doesnt compile...

Can someone kindly point me to the processing.exe or whatever i'm supposed to be putting this into... trying to learn how to communicate with computer...

End goal will be 1 PIR when tripped to play a .wav or .mp3.... or something similiar.... any assistance would be awesome

What is the code? Can't really help with compiler issues without knowing what you are compiling.

Just need to know how to "Open Processing"

Different (but similar) language that executes on the PC.


oh andrew how i could kiss you!!!

I think "processing" in this forum refers to a program named "processing" (a poor name for a computer program) that runs on a computer and not on the arduino itself.

I think "processing" in this forum refers to a program named "processing" (a poor name for a computer program) that runs on a computer and not on the arduino itself.

Yes, it can be a little confusing to newcomers, the relationship of Arduino to Processing. Processing is the PC based programming application language (itself a IDE) which the Arduino IDE GUI is written in. I believe it's a java based language and not to be confused with the language the Arduino uses to program sketchs, which is gcc C/C++ based.

One does not need to know or learn a thing about Processing to use the Arduino IDE and develop sketches.


one would not benefit at all by learning processing unless you wanted a fairly nice art/game framework on your pc (ie you wanted a temp gauge on your arduino that sent data back to a pc that was running a processing app that changed colors depending on the data, which could be written in any number of systems)

its totally different outside of a couple basic ideas

what it does it does pretty good, and I will be using it in the Ludum Dare competition this upcoming weekend (unless I chicken out with a grand idea, then I will be using lua ... again cause I can bang out 100 pages of lua in no time)

what it isnt good at (and both processing and arduino seem to miss) is handle GUI based applications, such as an IDE, its a bit like writing a text editor for your sega genesis, despite the fact that it has no keyboard and plugs into a tv

Without wishing to be too pedantic the Arduino IDE isn't written in Processing, it's written in Java. The connection is that the Arduino IDE is a (very close) derivative of the Processing IDE which is written in Java, and thus can be as complex or simple a GUI as you like.

The Processing language/framework doesn't have any native support for typical GUI features like buttons, sliders etc. so isn't ideally suited for what you might call an "office" type application. What it is good for is making simple "artistic" programs easily, and making more complex graphical programs doable by a wide audience of non-programmers.


doesn't have any native support for typical GUI features like buttons, sliders etc.

Could you so kindly point a (relatively)inexperienced programmer towards something more suited for such interfaces? In my program of study I have not done any computer programming whatsoever... I have used processing to draw buttons and stuff. SUCH A PAIN! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

[edit]I should point out that I will in fact take my first programming course this semester(c programming for electromechanical engineering). I don't think that will help in this regard, though..[/edit]


To quickly put together a GUI with buttons etc. it's easiest with one of the visual language/design tools - Microsoft Visual C# Express springs to mind (no doubt other people can come up with other sugestions). If you're about to formally learn C programming though maybe you should use something that works with that - the GTK project is one ( but it might be a bit over the top.


I am partial to murga lua which is more or less core lua bound with FLTK, its pretty easy to whip up office like programs (if you can get around the really messy vomit code examples)

bout the only bad thing is if you want to have access to a serial port you got to monkey around with lua io() functions

if you want an interpreted system that is

So i played with Processing, and i can get the examples now to work

However from the horde of responses i'm starting to second guess myself

Let me give you the situtation and see what you would recommend.

I'm trying to get data back from the arduino....

If (Pir == High) winamp.exe /play GETOUT.mp3 else ** BLAH DO NOTHING **

Haha i thought the end would be funny :) but you get the point of what i'm trying to do, doesnt need a GUI or anything just a simple feedback to computer to run an exe or .bat either or.... Any suggestions tips hints or even a simple example?

Have a look here: which is a link I got from here: which is a page on here: which is somewhere a lot of people seem to ignore (or not find)...


Yea i saw this yesterday, most of the examples use the "Processing window" to show data...

Anyone have an example of arduino data triggering another event?

Reading again anyway!

I am at work right now so I cant really try it, but you used to be able redirect the command line to and from ports

if you want to try (or else I will tonight when I get home) open a command prompt and enter

echo <comX (where X is your serial port number)

and try sending it something, I am thinking it will echo whatever is on the serial port back to the command line, though I have never done it this way (usually sending text or a file out to a serial port echo blah>comX)

haha unfortunately i'm also at work :) best time to read :)

if i can get arduino to post directly to a command prompt that would be perfect! or at least something :)

alright I tried it on my lunch break, and as much as it wants to try it will not work

ah well, just a thought

Does this help?


Edit Or this?