Produce a simple carrier signal from RF24


This might seem an odd request, but I was wondering if it's possible to produce just a simple carrier signal with the RF24 (no data etc). For info, I'm using the nRF24L01 at the moment: I notice the output (even when in a loop and outputting 4kb chunks of data) is mostly off, if that makes sense. Ideally I'd just have a 2.4GHz sine wave out! But something roughly like that (e.g. with data encoded that I will just ignore) will work.

I guess in the long run I should buy a VCO and an amp, to produce such a signal, but just wondering if there's a quick way of getting the RF24 module to do it for me.

Thanks for any advice.

PS I'm just detecting this signal with a home-made simple GHz-frequency detector at the moment. I won't go into what this is for as it's irrelevant to the question!