Product Design Project - FSR / Miniature Motors

Hey guys, first post, hopefully not last. :)

Need some help and advice. We're making an electric scooter prototype, and scaled down to produce a working model. Planning to use two miniature 5v-9v motors and we want the power output of the batteries to be controlled by an fsr.

Was wondering if we need an Arduino board to control this process, or is it possible to hardwire the FSR into the circuit? :confused:

Many thanks, Avi DIT

Hardwire into what circuit? If you are thinking to control the motor current by using the FSR in series with the motor the answer is no.

Thanks a million for the reply!

So, how should we go about controlling the 12v of dc current with the use of an FSR and an arduino?

Thanks for any help!

Regards, Avi