Product Distribution: mailbox doesn't work


For information on becoming a distributor of Arduino boards contact: distribution (at)

I wrote a message some weeks ago, but until now received no reply. Does anyone know is still possible to become a product distributor?

I would be grateful for any information.

Just the facts without any polemics or personal opinion.

Have you heard of disputes between Arduino LLC and Arduino SRL ? The boards manufacturer has never been Arduino LLC ( but the former SMART PROJECTS which decide to rename himself Arduino SRL ( Hence the current dispute.

Perhaps you should contact the manufacturer ?

I heard about the dispute. I would prefer to work with, not with

As I understand doesn't have manufactory now. It is sad.

doesn't have manufactory

To my knowledge : I think they don't have To my knowledge since the begginng of arduino project SMART PROJECT was responsible for the production of official boards.

The boards make by Arduino SRL are exactly that which was manufactured by SMART PROJECT and were distributed by Arduino LLC (Except filter inductor AVcc which was finally added by SRL, phew).

IMHO I think that we should not think in terms of technique (avr are still very powerful), but under industrial, commercial and benefits. IMHO boards with avr micro-controller does not have a great future. For an indusrtial there is no more money to be made with this kinds of boards. Hence new boards, ARM32 based, like DUE, Zero, and perhaps one day the Tre ? Nota : To my knowledge Yunn has been develop by Dog Hunter, now very "close" from Arduino SRL.

I dream of an Arduino version for ARM STM32 :grin: .

I could be wrong but, [u]with Chinese concurence[/u], candidates to invest in a new production line for avr based boards should not be many. Maybe we will see some old chinese counterfeit boards become Arduino LLC official? :grin:

For Arduino SRL it is different since the production line is already existing.

Good morning, I ordered some products to the platform on October 3rd this year and I have not yet arrived please someone from the company can contact me? Thank you.