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Building Wi-Fi motion sensor trap with email notification . What Arduino parts do I need to buy?

How can you tell if WiFi is moving? Doppler?

Maybe a NodeMCU instead of Arduino. Comes with built-in WiFi.

Hi Friends,

Wanted to build several wireless traps with email notification.

Sensors should do variety of things:

Motion Take picture Volume

Can you please share the kit for the same ?

What type of components do i need to buy

Thanks allot


This would trap what? Is it URGENT ?

it should send alerts via email when rats are crossing the sensor

How can you tell if WiFi is moving? Doppler?

Sorry i didn't get you..

The idea is to have Arduino UNO with wireless connectivity so i could receive emails notification. Also possible to use SIM connectivity and to send SMS instead of emails when sensor detect the animal.

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Can you tell us your electronics, programming, Arduino, hardware experience?

Thanks.. Tom.. :)

There are different forums in different languages. when you click on community, then forum, then almost to the bottom is international with forums in many languages.

we here are an odd bunch. we actually want you to tell us what you want to do.

in this case, the word trap seems to be overlooked and we grasp at what we know.

your 'trap' is the heart of the problem. you have a stick and it holds up a cage, with some cheese inside. when something enters the trap, they bump the stick, the cage falls and the trap is sprung... it bumps a switch, the switch signals an __________insert microcontroller here _______ and that then sends out insert needed output here __ that you can read on _insert device here_

is that about right ?

now, we want to you tell us about the trap.

A moose trap is very different from a mouse trap. You could use an infrared LED and a detector and send a message when the beam between the two is broken. I am assuming rats cannot see IR you might want to check that (some people can see a bit into UV).

The Arduino does not come with WiFi as standard so you would need to get a shield for that. Another option would be to send an SMS message but that requires a GSM shield and a SIM card.

This of course does not catch the rat it just tells you that an animal has broken the beam.