Professional custom board creation?

Would anyone know of a company that can create full custom board with the circuits and all done?

IE a company that can do single runs of custom boards?

Don't go hunting deep for the answer, I'm just curious, they have pick n place machines for "real" boards, but wouldn't the machine be able to read a standard schematic/board layout file and place the parts?

Just today I received in the mail a flier from One Stop Assembly with the claim:

"We fabricate your PCBs and then assemble them in one continuous operation. No order is too small... even one board is OK"

I'm not sure what they would charge for a single board, though, as I can't imagine it would be easy to offer single board runs. The company would have to first make a stencil for your specific board, run it through the stencil printer, obtain the components required for your board (or have a huge inventory of stock components always on hand), and load them onto feeders (or have a huge number of feeders preloaded with all their parts).

For us, set-up time for the manufacturing runs is always much, much longer than the time it takes to run a single board through the machine. Often it might be faster for us to place the components on a single board by hand rather than set up the machine for a single-board run.

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we make the Arduino boards.. is that enough of a reference :) we manufacture boards in all sorts of quantities and engineer the from scratch if needed.

Unfortunately the machines need to be programmed by humans , there is no fully automated process from the CAD files.

usually if you have to make a single board you assembly it by's faster


If youjust want the PCB and are not really tight on schedule, you should check, reaaaally cheap. Don't know the quality, though, but it's sparkfun behind it, so I guess it's good ^^

(don't want to ruin your business, massimo ^^)

Yeah, I know of batchpcb(Sparkfun ftw.)

I'm thinking maybe someone knows of a company that actually DOES have a billion pick n' place machine heads in a big warehouse.

So you just send them a board layout and part sheet, then get it made.

Well, you could look into One Stop Assembly, but I can't personally vouch for them. If you do get a quote I'd be interested in hearing the price for a single board.

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This guy ( posts a lot over at the Sparkfun forums and is in the process of creating a similar service to batchpcb for doing smt assembly in small batches. Doesnt look like he;s got all the bugs worked out as yet but its a promising service.


I feel like to make it cost effective for small orders without being very restrictive on allowed components you'd have to have a company capable of investing a quite a large amount of money in components inventory and pick-and-place feeders (which can be several thousand dollars per feeder). Well, I wish these guys the best of luck as this would be a nice service for the hobby electronics community.

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We do not claim to have the lowest assembly cost, but we try to give an option for people looking to have their boards assembled in the U.S.

^^ Quote off their FAQ Page, you know the world's gone to poop when you have to specifically mention that you're based in the states.

I think a good estimate of pricing would be for someone to send the Arduino schematic and parts list to these guys and get a quote.

Anyone man enough to assemble the required "pieces" and get a quote?


Found a pricing "Guide"

Looks like the bare minimum is 5 board, and that'll run you ~$85 ^^ has a link to an Excel spreadsheet that calculates very aprox cost.