Professions??  Funding??

I am new to the arduino community and I am curious as to what everyone here does for a living.

How are all of these crazy projects funded :-?

What kind of drain on my income can I expect now that I got the bug? so far I am down about $300.

I don’t think it’s that expensive - for a compulsive hoarder!
A history of playing around with R/C models and electronics gives an attic full of servos, motors, components and electronics kit to be recycled and resurrected.

yeah you can scrounge old parts of everything. I would say I have spent about that amount but I have a heck of a lot of stuff now! Just speak to people nicely when stuff breaks and collect up anything electrical…


gives an attic full of servos

How many have you got? Want to lose a few? (looking to sell any?) :slight_smile:


I was heavily into building electronic musical intruments and circuit bending before i started with Arduino, and being a serious packrat, i already had shelves and drawers and boxes with stuff all over the place.

I’m the type of person who cant leave a dead printer on the curbe, because i know there’s a steppermotor, a DC motor and some other goodies inside.

I was also lucky to have a friend who used to work in an electronics lab at the local university, they frequently cleaned out components and other stuff, and i was allowed to go over it and take what i wanted. You cant imagine what i got from him. Litteraly hundres of IC’s like voltage regulators, H bridges, a lot of CMOS stuff, some very rare old transistors used in old analog synths, and totally unobtanium by now. he usually said “can you really use that old through hole crap for anything ?”

Now with girlfriend moved in and a baby in the house i have had to clean out some stuff :’( But that just made me start looking for a house with a LARGE basement :slight_smile:

I develop products for a small irrigation company,
Once the units go into production I acquire the prototypes, I call it compensation for all the stress and grey hair that comes from some of the expectations and deadlines that get put on me!!!

(still trying to convince some people that radio waves can not travel threw hills trees or great big shiny steel sheds.)

Yes working in the electronics industry has the advantage that you are poised to acquire scrap. Also sales reps will often give you free samples of stuff. Having said that I do spend a lot of money on some projects. You can do consultancy or technical writing to provide income to feed your habit.

Guess I will have to start keeping a look out for old electronics instead of paying retail prices. Although I am not sure my girlfriend will like the house filled will “crap”.

Good advice thanks.

Although I am not sure my girlfriend will like the house filled will “crap”.

That’s why $DEITY gave us garages and storage sheds ;D

Although I am not sure my girlfriend will like the house filled will “crap”.

Just hide it under the bed, she’ll never know ;D


Although I am not sure my girlfriend will like the house filled will “crap”.

If you really want to hide everything, just put it in with the lawn mower and the snow blower… ;D

My wife and I have an arrangement. She gets to collect fabric, yarn, sewing machines, and so on, and I get to collect electronics parts, tools, and equipment. No problem! (Except we need a bigger house…)

(Except we need a bigger house…)

Yea, separate hobby rooms is the only way to go!

Yea, separate hobby rooms is the only way to go!

You mean seperate house!

Anyway, getting off the topic now. What does everyone else do then. I understand that there are a few electrical engineers or similar hanging around. :slight_smile:


I afford it two ways:

  • I’m a college professor, and can get grants for some of it.
  • I’m not married, and have no kids.

Don’t underestimate how rich that latter one makes you. It makes you poor too, of course, but if we’re talking about funding electronics. being single goes a long way.

I’m a software engineer, for embedded systems rather larger than Arduinos.

My scrap comes from my childhood toys, last year’s birthday present, and non-working stuff from the house. And occasionally things my brother left behind when he went to college. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not really an adult yet i do have a lot of “crap” in my bedroom. And no one is telling me to clean it :slight_smile:

My parents think I’m some sort of genius and encourage it. :-?

My parents think I’m some sort of genius and encourage it.

I think most parents would not think that way… :wink:

I work as a software developer in a small IT consulting company. I work mostly with Microsoft products, writing .net code, SQL server stuff, and i’m also working a lot with the open source CMS system Umbraco (really cool system).

I currently work on portable laser/speed cameras for a living and I have formally studied EE and have worked in various electronics related sectors. My best job was my brieft stint a home automation systems-integrator where I got to work with something that really interested me.

I fund my stuff from my own pocket and working with electronics allows you to get samples and even salvage stuff from decommissioned equipment. I am generally a scavenger and I have “dumpster dived” for some components in the past, nowadays that is not worth the effort though.