Profile Edit - where?

Has user Profile Edit disappeared during recent upgrade or do I have wrong browser/version/capabilities/expectations? However, I managed to edit mine by specifying;username=nnn

What should we see between two bars up there in banner, between "Members" and "Logout"?

same place its always been, click on the "you have x messages" link

yea I know its kinda hidden but it hasnt changed any

Yes, thank you, actually I just found that way to CP while you were typing the reply. Change was just a guess, I am totally newbie here and haven't seen how this looked before...

SOLVED, it is now at the top menu

Hmmm, but even when I get to User CP, it's not clear where I click to get to Edit Profile? Was able to manage it using the URL hack suggested above.

um ok ;) look in the box on the left

Messages       Profile       Posts

click the profile link, then edit

The link is not obvious enough if one has to resort to a thread such as this in order to find it.


a post that was last updated in september

its 2011 man, the forums work fine, if you want optional crap its in the standard places


you are talking about changing your profile in the old forum right? That one is disconnected from the new one. The new forum profile shows up in the Menu Bar. Any changes you make at the old forum will not work, nor be shown in the new one. From the moment we migrated the forum, we disconnected it from the Arduino system.