Progamming for the 443 mhz transmitter/receiver modules

I joined a few years ago, but my health went really down leaving me spending more time in hospitals than my home. Consequently, all my projects went into a cupboard.

Now I am back and trying quite a few new ventures I found my Arduino, as well as the large amount of accessories to go with them. I straight away decided I would have to complete all my projects from long ago.

But when using the 433 modules I keep hitting a brick wall with dht11.h and dht22.h.
I read quite a few scripts listed for the Arduino and 433 and they all have the line;


and every time I try to verify the program or upload it tells me;

EXIT Status 1

'DHT11 does not name a type.

I read that it needs a dht11.h library, but when I try to use this it says it cant be used.

I have quite a few projects I hope to use these tiny modules as space is a premium.

Where am I going wrong?

I know I am getting old and my illnesses left me troubled with tiredness, but I really have tried for hours on end to get things going.

Do I have to go to nrf24L01's with a defeatist feeling which will mean redesigning the cases for my projects which I 3d print myself or can you tell me where I am going wrong.

I have been an engineer all my life and now as I am retired, I find it is all beating me.

Please someone help me or point me in the right direction.