PROGMEM+dynamic string arrays

Hi all…,

Now i have got to display the characters received from a keyboard using segment display…

Incase of using a PROGMEM option that goes like You can’t change the values in the flash after the program has started running.

But i want to display the char from keyboard dynamically… how is it possible??

please help

I dont quite get what you want to do, a little more info would be apreciated.

  • If you just want to store the received data use a char array
  • If you want to keep the data durin power off and rest you can use the EEPROM

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The concept is like:

Example: i type "GOOD DAY "using keyboard that should be displayed.

Technically i don know how to code this concept…

In case during power off EEPROM could work… but how to get the characters displayed in real time…

ie., when the keys are hit they should get displayed…
can you get my point please…

I use RAM for this purpose.

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You mean to access the SRAM of the arduino? Am a newbie so kindly help me out..

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Can you please help me with syntax to get the characters displayed in the segment display in realtime?

So you'd use the value of the char received from the keyboard to lookup the byte that you have to send to the display.

Say the character i get from the keyboard is

Serial.print((char)key) // prints the character in serial monitor

Same way i want to print the key obtained in a segment display in real time as how the above statement prints in the serial monitor..

how to proceed? any codes or syntax please..