Progmem works but draw pixle doesnt?

ok so i found a github page with a alternate pi pico core. in the files there is a legacy compatibility set. 1 is progmem. it works. but draw pixle doesnt which makes draw bitmap really annoying and its refusing. if your wondering its irusak who made the file . it seems to work standalone but dtstrof or what ever its called isnt standalone and you ahve to install the entire board it would seem

however draw bitmap isnt working it keeps saying not declared in this scope . tried the following to try to call it

drawBitmap(0, 0, 8, 8, testGFX);


drawbitmap(0,0, testGFX,8,8, WHITE);

Start here

no. rp2040 doesnt support progmem out the box and the mbed and earle cores dont have a solution. this was addressed in another thread. i found a progmem legacy compatibility file and it works

i also searched some more and literally just found a reference to display.drawBitmap(your needed info here) and i just put tft.drawBitmap(needed info) and it works. the problem was that syntax has changed over time and old methods for doing things are all over the web

so now i have a pi pico with earle core that does monochrome bitmap and now im off to test the old sd straight to tft nexthack thingy but i will use 2 spi and this decreases any cross chatter. if all goes well i will post instructions on what im making in a couple weeks

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