Program arduino BT with wire


I just buy an Arduino BT to communicate between the arduino BT an a sensor thanks to bluetooth. But I realised that I can't program it if I haven't a PC with bluetooth ?

I would like to program it with USB, is it possible ?

Thank you

You have several choices:

1) You could buy a USB Bluetooth adapter for your PC.

2) You could by an ISP Programmer. You can get a USBasp from eBay for less than $10. It connects to USB on your PC and the ICSP header on the Arduino so it doesn't use the serial pins connected to the bluetooth device.

3) If you can disable the Bluetooth module or get it to disconnect from the serial pins you can get a USB-to-TTL-Serial cable (also known as FTDI cable) and use that to connect your PC to the serial pins.

I'd go with #1.

Thank you for your answer. So I will choose option 1 :)