Program Arduino from iPad or go Bean+ or neither?

Hi! I´m a teacher and my students have iPads, no computers. Since I wanted them to be able to learn programming and electronics I bought LightBlue Beans three years ago that we´ve been working with. Not as good as an Arduino and computer but it worked. Been on paternity leave for a year now (go Sweden!) and it´s time to start working in august. Checked to see what the Beans cost nowadays to maybe buy a few more and realised they are discontinued. I could find 9 Bean+ at a good discount, but before I buy those (could be risky if support and uploading through their server stops being maintained) I thought I´d better check if there are possibilities for my students to program any of the Arduino boards with their iPads. I´ve lost track of all the different models. Done my googling but all post about iPad and Arduino are years old.

So. Is there a (reasonable) way to use iPads with Arduino? Or should I go for the last remaining Bean+? Or do you have another suggestion?

All input would be much appreciated!