program ardweeny?

I recently got the ardweeny and have set everything up on a breadboard. I'm making the "one hour coasterbot" project from make.

Anyway, I don't exactly understand how to program the ardweeny. What board do I have to select? Since the "ardweeny" isn't listed? Also do I have to change "programmer" to anything?

I've attempted to program the ardweeny before, taking the Atmega328 chip and sticking it into my arduino uno, THEN selecting "Duemilanove w/ATmega328" as my board. Programing it through my arduino uno, then removing the Atmega 328 chip and placing it onto my breadboard. I found on the internet that you could do that, so I figured, why not? I don't think it worked however. As I still can't move my continuous rotation servos. I'm assuming it's because I somehow didn't program the ardweeny , and I'm attempting to eliminate it as a variable for what's wrong. Everything on my breadboard is as it should be, so it must be the ardweeny behaving strange or being unprogrammed.

I'm going to attempt to connect to it via usb and program it. I just don't get what to select in order to program the ardweeny.

I bootload all my '328Ps as Uno. Then select Uno as board wherever they are installed.