Program Automated?

Would it be possible for arduino to be controlled by the program currently running in windows? I want to be able to have rgb led's be a certain color when I run one program, and automatically switch to a different color for a different program. Is this in any way possible?

Yes, there are many many ways you can do this, you need to be more specific with your question, but I believe you would be better served by placing this question in another section, not under home automation, try under 'Displays' or 'Interfacing with software on the Computer'.


Thanks Paul, I actually did a few days ago, but got no responses. =( Basically, I just want to control a strip of RGB led's in such a way that I can tie a color on the strip to a profile, which is tied to a computer program, so that when that program is run, it will automatically switch. Are there any similar projects out there I could take a look at?

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How do you intend to connect your computer to the Arduino?
Again many choices, such as serial, ethernet even optic fibre if you wish.

What operating system are you using on your computer, OSX, Linux or that other one which will remain nameless?
This may have some impact on determining how and what you use on the computer side.

Do you intend to program the software for your computer, say in some C stye or Java language, or using processing, google if you wish.
Does the program on the computer need to be time based of how does it operate.
Will the Arduino need to respond back to your program on the computer for any reason?

Do you really need the computer to control the Arduino, is there another way?
Alternatively, if you need the computer, do you really need an Arduino, there are other options too?

You see, knowing more specifically the criteria of your needs allows a faster and better response.
We are not able to read your mind and I try not to assume these days as much as I used to do XD

One thought that comes to mind is to check out the interesting 'Bitlash' suit from user 'billroy'. It may do exactly what you want.
Check it out here
I'm sure he will be about some time soon.


I'd start with the program on the PC that figures out which program you're running - it's not especially difficult, but non-trivial nonetheless. Once you have that, it should be a fairly simple matter to add code to send instructions to the arduino over the serial port or UDP, whichever way you decide to connect it.