Program code for distance sensor and load cell

Hello Everyone

I have Arduino Uno, Bluetooth module, ultrasonic distance sensor and load cell. I need to write program code for distance sensor and load cell.

Please can you help me to handle this issue.

Thanks & Best Regards
Vinooth Rajendran.

Break it down - write a sketch to read the ranger module
When you're comfortable that it works, write another sketch to read the load-cell.
When you're happy that works, merge the two sketches.

What makes you think this is an installation issue?
Maybe you could use the flag icon to draw the attention of a mod, and get them to move this topic to a more appropriate section of the forum.

@rajendran1, your topic has been moved to a more suitable location on the forum. Installation and Troubleshooting is not for problems with (nor advise on) your project.