Program compiled with Arduino 1.0.4 reboot.


I have an wierd behavior ,the Arduino Mega reboot. i say reboot because i see the setup sending at setup. My guest is Arduino is rebooting and reloading the setup function. One time i'm isolate culprit code. the bad tihng was the String class function getBytes()-. I eliminated this code and voila! fixed. Questions: 1) Is this error because i'm using Arduino 1.0.4 ??? 2) Is this one recognized bug? any ideas? best jmdc 2)

  1. No
  2. No

If you show your code, we might be able to help. I would guess you are running out of RAM.

2) No

Yes, it is. Everyone except zoomkat recognizes that using the String class is a bug.

Except he said he eliminated the String class. I think.

juancortez: 2) Is this one recognized bug?

The String class is notoriously problematic and IMO best avoided. However, without seeing your code it isn't possible to tell whether your symptoms are caused by your code, or by a problem provoked by the String class.