program direction? interrupt or not?

In the hypothetical program that needs to have a button pushed by a human every ten seconds, and if the button isn't pushed in a window of 9 to 11 seconds, a servo would move a little one direction telling the human to push a little faster or slower depending on the time of last button push:

  1. Would it be wise to try to use interrupts to move the servo or stepper motor? So the button push isn't missed.
  2. or would it be better to use interrupt for the button?
  3. or use the blink without delay? And if so how to do that and allow time for the motor to move?
  4. Is there another or better way that I'm overlooking?

Thanks to anyone who responds.

Your loop() function should be looping on ms to us timescales, no need for interrupts
to detect a UI action, interrupts are for catching urgent situations or response-time
critical actions. A second or two is an eternity.

There is (still) nothing wrong with using an interrupt for a user push button.