Program execution

Just new to playing with Arduino...I have 2 programs uploaded to the does the Uno which program to execute or does it just execute all ?
thanks for the help. Frank


In fact you have only one uploaded: the second one overwrote the earlier one.

So the possible solution is to link the three programs.
the UNO...and then a DDS...and then a 16x2 display...

And if that linking is the proper procedure where would I look to
learn that process ?

I presume you have 3 example programs you wish to make into one?

If so, tinker with them and have a go at making them one bit.

What are you trying to achieve?

Forum member Robin2 created this thread to help explain how to merge sketches (Arduino-speak for program).

The main thing is to realise you must have exactly one setup() function and exactly one loop() so the trick is to merge setups into one and loops into one.

Thank you for the valuable information...I will not use the example of
merging codes...and see if I can screw it up...
the object is to first load the 16x20 display then link to the AD9850 that when I change frequency the display will follow...I hope.