Program External 328p using Uno Board?

Ok, I've ready the "official" Arduino programming guide but it says the Uno isn't supported, which apparently someone on the forums said that it's outdated and the Uno can. I've also check Gammon Forum : Electronics : Microprocessors : How to make an Arduino-compatible minimal board for help but he uses a USB to Serial cable. I don't have a problem ordering a cable, but I'd much rather be working on it over the weekend rather than wait till mid next week when a cable get here.

I pulled the 328p chip from my Uno and put it on my projects pcb, and it's sort of tucked away. I could pull it out but I'd much rather leave it and program it externally. I've got access to the backside pins and I've soldered some stuff up so that I've got a home made cable connected to pins 1,2, and 3 on the 328p. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I need the Uno boards TX to run to pin 3, RX to pin 2 and the boards reset to pin 1 with a 10k resistor to 5V. Am I missing anything? Any special settings for Arduino IDE like which "Programmer" should be selected under tools?

I think this is what you are suggesting:

Is the bootloader still on the 328?

Hm yes, that would be exactly it. The boot loader is still on there, I had been using it and just unplugged the 328 with default sketch on it. I know that I'm not exactly using a 10k resistor so I guess I'll have to get over to radioshack tomorrow. I was hoping "close enough" would work but apparently not.

I'm also using a 9V battery to a 5V regulator for the external 328 so I don't foresee a problem using the 5v from the Uno for the pull up.

Hey, thanks again for the link, I tried multiple search combo's but didn't come up with anything for the Uno. This is going to be a bookmark!