Program for graph by temperature sensors


Does someone know a freeware program, which can show the actual temperature from DS18B20-sensors (3 sensors, at the same time).

My requierments for the program:

  • Graph x/y with sensorvalue and time.
  • Simple
  • Ajustable speed for time

It will also be great to have logging posibilities, etc. saving to *.csv format.

Check Processing, and write it yourself - if you can do Arduino you can do Processing (I'm not saying it is the same)

Not clear what you are asking for. Do you want something to monitor the temperatures and graph the results? Or do you have data and just want to graph it?

There are lots of free programs for graphing data, just a few off the top of my head: OpenOffice Calc, Octave, gnuplot, MayaVi.

If you want to graph your data, consider an Arduino to send time a data to a SD card in CSV format.
Take the SD card out of the Arduino setup, stick it into your computer and use ex. EXCEL to graph what's on the card.