program for LDmicro for LadderDiagram and 4Diac for Functional Block

Consider there is one switch (momentary action) and one LED. Write a ladder program or Functional Block Diagram (showing output in FBRT )for the following scenario.When switch is pressed the LED turns ON for 10 sec and then it turns OFF. If the switch is pressed within again 10 sec the LED should turn OFF immediately

When do we have to hand in our homework?


then what should do for this

can anyone give answer of this

Design a circuit to switch ON and OFF a 12 V “load” using Arduino with the followingrequirements:a)Use a switch to turn ON and OFF the load via Arduinob)Use MOSFET(s) for driving the 12 V loadc)The load must remain ON in case if the arduino is disconnected from MOSFET (usea slide switch to disconnect signal from arduino to MOSFET. Note, this switch isdifferent from the one used in point 1 )d)If this circuit cannot be made, mention reasons and demonstrate failures


its not my homework, im confuse what i have to do

its not my homework, im confuse what i have to do

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