Program halts when LCD Connected

I have a loop echoing numbers but when i connect my I2C LCD it halts. I remove it it resumes. I just added resistors to everything 220ohm, including the SDA and SCL lines. I checked and nothing is shorted... any ideas of why it hangs?

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Ill double check posts

Do you think its my series resistors? I saw the other posts but they spoke of crashing, not halting. I hear that if there is a major I2C problem that itll halt. Im pretty sure the LCD is good... its a 16x2.

Im sure i got the correct address too.

I suggest that you request this to be moved to programming or to electronics.

For others to be able to help you, I think that the below applies. I have no experience with I2C displays so will probably not be able to help after this.

I further suggest that you provide us with a wiring diagram (including Vcc and GND connections) and a simple code that shows the behaviour.

It will also be useful to tell us which lcd module you use (and which I2C chip is on there) and which Arduino you are using and any other components (e.g. sensors).

It's not quite clear to me if you're hot-plugging or not?