Program hangs in the middle of execution

Hi all,

I am getting problem in executing my code on arduino that is execution of my program hangs in the middle of execution. My code size is 2550 bytes(of a 28336bytes maximum). I am using DS1307(RTC),LCD(16*2), 74HC595(for LEDs), 24c64(EEPROM), and keys. I am using arduino libraries for all this. When i burn my code, it works for some time and then hangs in the middle. I am not able to find out what actually problem is.

Can any one suggest me whats wrong.


Is it possible that you are using up all the available RAM ?

Rather than posting a list of things that could possibly cause that. You should just post your code, it’ll narrow it down significantly.

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Sounds silly, doesn't it?

Did you read the sticky thread at the top of this section? Why not?