Program microcontrolers without bootloader


I'm quite new to the Arduino environment, but I like it. Problem is that it's that big that sometimes I get lost.

What I'm trying to do it's like a PLC running with Arduino compatible microcontrolers, so I can program it using Arduino IDE, which I like very much.
Once we have the program ready, I do not need to modify it and I have to upload it to 20+ chips.
So I am looking to find a way to program easily the chips.

I suppose that I can do the program on the Arduino IDE, then save the hex file to my computer and burn it directly to fresh chips. It is right?

How can I do that? I found this But I want to know which programmer do I need so I can program big chips so as the MEGA2560. And also if possible the 1284p.

Thank you very much for your patience, I will appreciate any guide or link or whatever to continue working on it.

You can use NickGammon's method to program them,

or get a dedicated programmer, Atmel AVR ISP MKii, $34 at
and within the IDE use
Tools: Burn Bootloader to get the fuses set correctly,
and then
File: Upload Using Programmer within the IDE to program them.

Adding these core files tothe IDE will let you load up 1284P chips as well:

Thanks Crossroads, i'll try. Hey: Are you the guy from: ??

Yes I am.

So we can buy to you the design and build of our electronic boards, if you want.

Yes you can. Many have. The big yellow board was my first here in the forum, some of the others were designs I did here also. Others were designed and then purchased/built locally (for the user - like in Australia) and all I have is eagle files.
I have 4 board system in the works right now even. Looks like there might be 2-3 small boards to be added to it as well, for remote mounting of encoders, joystick, etc.

Others were inspired by discussions here in the forum, or by being irked that someone would raise $10K on kickstarter to make a little board up.

I update my link with new boards, a couple more were added yesterday, check them out:

As soon as we have the first designs, I will contact you.

You'd want to use a AVRISP MK II programmer which programs all AVR chips and a properly-sized ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) socket on some kind of a solderable perforated PCB and a 6-pin 0.1 inch male header. 20 chips is not a huge amount but ZIF sockets are not that expensive anymore and are much easier to work with that regular sockets.

I just program them after installation on the board. Sure beats pulling the chip off & on the board and risk of mangling pins.

Program microcontrolers without bootloader
I suppose that I can do the program on the Arduino IDE, then save the hex file to my computer and burn it directly to fresh chips. It is right?

If you have a board like Arduino UNO just load ArduinoISP into it and connect Arduino UNO to the target AVR uC you want to program.

Arduino UNO + ArduinoISP form nothing else but an ordinary ISP programmer that together with avrdude can be used to load any hex file to most empty AVR controllers, without being obliged to write a bootloader first.

For details see this discussion: