Program Motorola family RS08 HCS08 HCS12 using arduino uno

Like the name of the subject, i want program Motorola processor family RS08 HCS08 HCS12 with my Arduino Uno.

I find device that program what i need but it too expensive. So i decide find how they connect it to processor, they use 4 wires:

BKGD (bi-directional data line)

Can i make it on my arduino, and maybe someone make it before me? I find only standard library for pic procram.

It looks like someone tried:
There are also indications that they later sold this code as an ECU (engine control unit) firmware updater, but as far as I can tell their site is pretty much shut down :frowning:

Based upon the success of the STM32F103 project Here I suspect that it "could be done" but the effort is immense.


I think he's asking for something simpler - just an ArduinoISP variant that would load .hex files into the freescale chips (or .srec, since it's freescale :slight_smile: )

Porting the arduino core, plus enough libraries to make many people happy, would be a much larger task.