Program-O-Tron Standalone AVR programmer

Hi Guys & Girls - We have a new Kickstarter campaign up for our Standalone AVR Programmer, the Program-O-Tron.

This allows you to program a chip without a computer, from a choice of up to 6 different HEX files (Complete with fuse settings).

Program-O-Tron on Kickstarter

Here is a video showing the Program-O-Tron in action.

YouTube Video

Why does the "Fault" LED light up every time?

Hi, The 'FAULT' LED, is being re-silked as the 'STATUS' LED, the board in the video is a final(ish) prototype. We are also adding a location to solder a 3.5mm screw connector, so the board can be powered from an external non-usb 5V power source.

Hi - would anyone be interested in a programmer, with the file stored on an SD card, that can program 4 or 5 chips, with an exchangeable programming plate to take various AVR chips? We have written the firmware (for functionality - just got to make it nicer), and prototyped the design for a couple of programming plates for programming ATTINT84s & ATMEGA328s. The idea was you order the programmer base, and a programming plate for the specific chip you require (Each plate would have 5 ICSP headers fro off board programming).

Leave any ideas for any added features, or any questions you have.

We are looking to Kickstart this programmer also.