program questions

Hi all.
I am rather new to this arduino stuff I have programmed a program for my own cabin with a lot of things, but i am working on a backup, to start an inverter in case of a power outage.
I then have a small voltage sensor module, but i can’t understand the program to use.
It says :

#include <Wire.h>
int val11;
int val2;

void setup()

Serial.println("Voltage: ");
void loop()
float temp;


What does “VAL11” and “VAL2” means or stand for?
Where should i connect the analog cable to the arduino board? (analogRead(1)) ??
The other prgrams i have done, i have more or less undertood what i copied and pasted into the arduino program, (at least after a while), but this one… Not a all…
Will be very happy if someone can help out…

We don't know anything about your "sensor".

Where should i connect the analog cable to the arduino board? (analogRead(1)) ??

Something apparently needs to be connected to A1.

Val11 starts-out as a reading from analog 1. Then, it's divided by 4.092 (I don't know why) and converted to an integer. After that processing/manipulation Val11 holds that new integer value (instead of the original "raw" analog reading).

Val2 uses [u]modulo[/u] 100 to find the two right-most (integer) digits, which are then divided by 10. Again, I have no idea why.

Your program has no "output" other than sending numbers to the serial monitor.