Program Stucks with the inclusion of micro SD card

I am using 4 different sensors with Arduino UNO to acquire data that includes 2 sensors that communicate on i2c mode, one on SPI (accelerometer with CS pin 10) and one an analog sensor with an output pin on A0. Everything works fine without an SD card. However, when I include an SD card with CS pin 7, the output on the serial monitor freezes inside the void setup while initializing one of the sensor.
The SD card works fine with each of the individual sensors but the aforementioned problem arises when used in a program with all other sensors.
Can someone highlight what will be the problem?

Most probably, you have too less RAM.

Use the F() macro to free as much text data from RAM as possible, maybe you can free enough.

Perhaps provide us with a picture of the SD card you are using.

Quite a few of the SD card adapters wont work well when other SPI devices are used on the UNO.

hi thanks for your reply I am using this one: MicroSD card breakout board+ : ID 254 : $7.50 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

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