Program to calculate the Vref of Pap motors

I have created a small program with which we can easily calculate the reference voltage for our drivers. At the moment it is compatible with the DRV8825 and A4988 models but I do not rule out adding other drivers in the future.

I explain its operation, although it is quite easy to use ..

When opening the program, the first thing to do is select the driver that we are going to use:

If we select the DRV8825 driver, it will be deactivated and the 100 resistance value will be selected since these drivers are only manufactured with that resistance ..

Now we just have to enter the amps of our motor, the configuration of steps and it is all ready to give "Calculate Vref" showing the value in the box:

In the case of the A4988 driver it is the same, only that in this case there are 3 different resistances:

Again we enter the amperage of our engine and the configuration of steps and ready:

As I say, surely I will make it compatible with more driver later on ..


A greeting!

Uploaded English version:


Thanks for sharing this. It looks quite handy, especially the part for calculating the A4988 Vref for different resistor values.

Muy buena idea del software , deberías actualizarlo a los nuevos Driver como el TMC2209 de Lerdge. Si lo haces y lo quieres compartir seria de gran ayuda para los que no saben obtener el Vref y poderlo calibrar. Saludos