Program with onewire compiles but no device found

Today I encountered a very strange problem.
In the last few days I installed libraries for Blynk, Ubidot, RemoteXY, Arduino-iOT, Cayenne
for testing these IoT-cloud-services.

After that I compiled a small testprogram for checking if onewire-sensors are found.
The code compiled but the program reported zero devices found.

So I made a cross-testing with another laptop which has less libraries installed.
On this second laptop everything worked like expected onewire-sensor found.

So I must have messed up something while experimenting with the recently installed libraries
As there are so many it will be hard to resolve which one is the evil and I don't gonna invest the time to check them all by rolling back and install one check install second check etc.

If somebody has an idea what could cause such a problem or what can be looked up easily
I appreciate the tips.

As I'm using a portable version of Arduino 1.8.13 anyway I will just copy & paste the older version to my main laptop and see if it works again.

If it will happen that a program needs an additional library that is not yet installed on the older version I will just install this one new

Never thought that installing libraries with lib-manager or ZIP-libs could cause something like that.
This makes me think about saving backups before every additional lib i want to install.
best regards Stefan

Probably a redefinition of some variable. I realize that's not hugely helpful... :slight_smile: Perhaps look at the compile log for warnings of redefinition?

Although, a library that's not #included isn't supposed to be compiled...

would'nt the compiler complain about a redefintion of something?
And why would such a redefinition make the code run including onewire-signal-creation which I confirmed with a digital storage oscilloscope but just no devices were detected on the "messy" laptop?

I compiled the exact same code on the other laptop and it is working as exected
re-compiled it on the "messy" laptop => zero devices found.

Anyway I have copied the complete portable Arduino-IDE (which I call "Portuino" and now everything works again.

best regards Stefan

Only if warnings are enabled. They are disabled by default.

Check the pull up resistor. If that does not fix it post your schematic as you have wired it, not a frizzy picture, all connections are important. Also add links to technical information on the hardware devices.

Hi gilshultz,

I am 100% sure it is ehm was a software-problem.
Because I tested multiple times one and exact the same hardware
ESP32 nodeMCU with DS18B20 sensor all things connected on a breadboard

Compiling with my older laptop: result: sensor is recognised and reports valid temperatur-values

compiling with my main laptop: result: sensor not recognised

after "re-installing" = copying my portable Arduino-IDE-version from the old laptop onto my main laptop

compiling with my corrected main laptop: result: sensor is recognised and reports valid temperatur-values

best regards Stefan

would looking at the build directory under Users/xxx/AppData/Local/Temp/arduino_build_xxx identify the specific libraries needed?

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