Program without bootloader - delay(s) longer

Hi all,

Merry Xmas.

I've programmed up a Atmel 328 processor with the bootloader and then uploaded example blink. Delays work normally 1sec.

When I use an Atmel 328 that doesn't have the bootloader programmed then the delays go from 1second to 15seconds (approx).

I used the blink.hex file from the Arduino build. When I use the Arduino to create the build I'm selecting the Uno board. So maybe I've selected the wrong processor when I'm using the avrdude to upload the file to flash?



Merry Christmas!

You're using the wrong fuse settings.

What is the provenance of the no-bootloader '328?


The 328 is from a local electronic supplier, not pre loaded with the bootloader.

Thanks, is sound like I need to read up on the fuse settings.

Cheers. :D