So i have this analog led strip. I don’t have any transistor because I don’t need them. Its a 5V strip. I was wondering how can i wire them up so and program them so i could make same effect as the digital ones.
Thank you so much

Which led strip? Link please.

An Arduino output can drive a 20 mA load safely; that's about one or two leds depending an the resistors in the strip. So you need fets or transistors if your strip has 3 or more leds. There are a few other limitations (like 200 mA max through the GND and Vcc of the microcontroller if you use a 328P.

To do what you want to do, you need to 'cut' the strip in pieces so you can control individual sections (of e.g. 1 led). Next you can start counting the number of digital IO pins on the Arduino and make a plan how to 'connect' all leds to the Arduino (e.g. using shift registers and multiplexers or a few PCA9685 boards etc).

“ I don't have any transistor because I don't need them.”

Very interesting.

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