Programing a Counter

Hi All,

I am new to Arduino and would like to program a counter for the gym. If someone could please help me create this I would truly appreciate it.

I am looking to create a program to correspond to 3 separate LED readouts on one device.

The first digital display would display a counter that at the push of a button it will count and will continue counting every time I push it.

The second digital display would display the overall time of when I start my workout and end.

The last digital display would display real time.

Please respond, I have no idea how to use Ardunio and would love to make this device as soon as I can given the correct program. Thanks in advance.

Try posting on Arduino Forum :: Community :: Gigs and Collaborations

these other forums are for getting help for projects you are making yourself, after having been through the examples and know how to write simple sketches

Good luck