Programing arduino Mini


I would like to know if it is possible to program an arduino mini pro with an arduino MEGA 2560. I read some tutorial with UNO but not with MEGA.



Yes it is possible.

Scroll down to the bottom - I offer cards that combines the pieces to be used for programming.
This one lets you select from 1 of 16 files on SD card to be loaded.

This one lets you select from 1 of 256 file (00 to FF) from SD card.

Thanks for your answer. May i change the SD card reader by a raspberry or a pc ?

Thanks you

What do you really want to do? Don't tell us how, tell us what.

i want to make a transceiver 433mhz. So i have a 433 Mhz module, anbd i will connect this module on a arduino mini pro.
I want to prg the arduino minni pro for send a msg all seconde. i have an arduino Mega, a raspberry with arduino IDE and a pc. May i programme the arduino mini without FTDI programmer.

OK, that's a better description of the problem.

Yes, a Mega can be used as a serial (FTDI) programmer attached to a PC or Rasberry. You should be able to use the tutorial code provided for the Uno without modification, although I suspect it's going to be using software serial when the Mega has spare hardware serial ports that could be used instead.

Thanks for your answer.