Programing arduino pro mini on 3.3v

hello a few of my projects require that i run it at 3.3v because everything is at 3.3v even including the 3.3v logic it needs to be right now i have a 5v pro mini and not sure if this is the topic area for this or what. But how can i convert my pro mini to be all at 3.3v inc including the logic area i took off the 5v to 3.3 ldo on it so it can power up But now I'm wondering if there is anything else in programming i need to do to be at that level?

Replace the 16MHz resonator with a 8 MHz resonator, or reburn the fuses to use internal 8 MHz oscillator. Then 3.3V operation will be nice & stable.

Hey crossroads i burn boot loaders before that is not a problem. The problem i might have is that I wouldn't know how to burn it to do 8mhz burn i do not know how to do?

Change the fuses in boards.txt to use internal osc.
Set the lower 4 bits of the Low Fuse byte to 0010.

The default setting of CKSEL3...0 results in internal RC Oscillator @ 8MHz. See Table 9-11 on page 34 for

Calibrated Internal RC Oscillator
By default, the Internal RC Oscillator provides an approximate 8.0MHz clock. Though voltage and temperature
dependent, this clock can be very accurately calibrated by the user. See Table 29-9 on page 304 for more
details. The device is shipped with the CKDIV8 Fuse programmed. See ”System Clock Prescaler” on page 36
for more details.
This clock may be selected as the system clock by programming the CKSEL Fuses as shown in Table 9-11. If
selected, it will operate with no external components. During reset, hardware loads the pre-programmed
calibration value into the OSCCAL Register and thereby automatically calibrates the RC Oscillator. The
accuracy of this calibration is shown as Factory calibration in Table 29-9 on page 304.

Hello wow I'm truly Lost. Where do i find this information about?

Read the datasheet. Section 28.