Programing ATMEGA 8

Hello i am new in arduino and recently purchase arduno Arduino Dueminalove (USB ) and i make led blink program it works well .then we made saprete led blink circuit on pcb and put ATMEGA 328 on arduino bord to it .Then it also work fine .But in india prise of ATMEGA 328 at is Rs 180 and ATMEGA is Rs 60 .Then i want to feed led blink program in to ATMEGA 8 and run then how can i do thsi please help

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There are tutorials in the playground regarding Atmega8 /168

Same thing you posted here ...

If at all possible, try to keep things together in one place. As I mentioned in that previous thread, they are different hardware and you can not simply move the HEX file from one to the other. Pins are different, chip ID is different and several other things. Your solution would be to build the HEX specifically for the Atmega8, which you can do with some minor modifications to the IDE files. Follow the link that Erni posted.

You might also want to look into the Attiny family, much smaller, and possibly cheaper as well, if you don't need all of the functionality of an Atmega. For bootloaders and what not, visit ...