Programing module RF 868 Mhz Arduino

Hello I buy this module:

And I dont know how work it. The seller send me an "example" but that is not example for the module. Somebody know where can I found an example for that module?
Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

You will need to use the VirtualWire library which contains several examples.

You also might be able to use the RadioHead library in ASK mode: RadioHead: RH_ASK Class Reference

Thanks for reply me! The seller send me that: HM_T_R_UART.rar
Somebody know how it work? Because I don't understand nothing... Is it real code for this module?
Thanks in advance!!

Hello Z9600, the 868 MHz technology is an area with very little information. Therefore, after 3 years, the question: have you got ahead? Did the rar file help? I am very interested!