Programing other IC's with Arduino code


How hard would it be to program another type of Atmel IC with arduino code.

Bascially I have prototype my project code on my Arduino Uno board and all is well, but I would like to use the ATmega328 32 pin TQFP as I didnt have the space in my project for the DIP IC.

I have got my code working on Atmel studio 6 soo would I just have to select another IC to build then change the pins_arduino.h file to match the pins on the IC ?

Hope someone can answer my Question :slight_smile:

Programming 328P in DIP or TQFP is the same - the internal die is the same, only the package is different.
All that matters is the bootloader on the part - if your TQFP is bootloaded as an Uno, then you can program it as an Uno, no matter how you set up the rest of your standalone board.

Thats good to hear :smiley:

Thank you for the info.