programing plz help!!!!!

hey gyes im jake and i was wondering if i can program the ardunio with c++ in stead of c

thx in advanced

Have you tried it?

not yet but i dont get were to learn about inputing the led lights and all that stuff do u kno?

Have you read the manual? Why not?

what manual are u talking about the one that came in the pack i got or the on on the internet by the way i got the spark fun inventors kit

You see up there on the left, where it says "Main site"? Try clicking on it, and welcome to a new world.

(Are your shift and punctuation keys broken?)

can some one plz correct this code plz it is in c++ i think.
this code is supposedto make the 8 led light blink on and off in a row

int ledpins{2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}
int main(){
int i;
while(i = 0 i < 8)
if (i == 8) goto loop;

  • int delayTime = 100;*

  • digitalWrite(ledPins[0], HIGH);*

  • dellay(delayTime);*

  • digitalWrite(ledPins[7], HIGH);*

  • delay(delayTime);*

  • digitalWrite(ledPins[7], LOW;*

You haven't got a "setup". You need a setup to configure the pins you've declared incorrectly, as outputs. Arduino doesn't have a "main". Using "goto" isn't usually necessary in grown-up languages.

it is in c++ i think.

...but not as we know it, Jim

Why don't you work through some examples?

Look at the Blink example to get an idea of how to write that for Arduino.

And by the why isn't goto bad programming practice?

thanks gyes this really helped me