Programing Problems

I have been discussing this issue on another forum so I hope I am not getting into trouble, I do believe that my issue belongs here. I cannot seem to get any code working for me.

The class 'AF_Stepper' is not a standard class included by the IDE so it must be defined by an external library. You have included AccelStepper.h and AFMotor.h and I would expect to find the AF_Stepper class defined in one or other of those.

Locate the Arduino directory where your sketches are stored. Locate the libraries directory under there. It should contain a directory named AccelStepper containing AccelStepper.h (and some other files) and a directory named AFMotor containing AFMotor.h (and some other files). Check that both .h files are present and that one of them contains the declaration for the AF_Stepper class.

This is where I ended up in my last discussion however this didn't help me at all because I was able to find these files unfortunately I don't know what to do with them, my problem was that i was getting a message AF Stepper does not name a type. At this point I am stuck, I do not have a reliable code that I know will run my motor so I cant make sure that my motor is connected properly.

The message means that the library file are not where the compiler expects them to be so the code that they contain has not been compiled into the program so references to it fail.. Look at this page for advice on where the library files should be installed.

The second paragraph that you quoted also explains very specifically where the library files should be and even the name of the folder in which they should be placed.

Thank you for the explanation, as you can tell I am not a programmer so like a blind man I am trying to learn on the fly, from the quoted section I just didn't understand what I am supposed to do, thank you again for a clear direction now I know where the issue is.

Still not able to work this out, I have tried pretty much everything that I could think off, following pictures are step by step where my files are located.

The confusion is that there are 2 folders called libraries associated with the Arduino. One holds the libraries that are installed with the Arduino IDE and the other is for user contributed (add on) libraries. The one that you should be putting the library in is the latter. It is situated in the same folder as your Arduino sketches (horrible word !). Inside that folder you need another folder with the same name as the library which then contains the library files, usually a .h and .cpp file.

My add on libraries file is at C:\Users\Bob\Documents\Arduino. Substitute your Windows username for mine and you should see your sketch folders and a libraries folder. That is the one you need.

Do not put add on libraries in the libraries folder under the main arduino-1.0.4 folder.