Programing RGB different colors

Hello i was wondering if anyone knows the R G B to make Warm white, Cool White and Day white? I have 50/50 trying to figure out what Percentage for each one is so i can setup the pwm on the strip can someone please help me out?

I would guess that the RGB values required will vary between different LEDs so it will not be possible to give absolute values in isolation. How about writing a small program to read 3 analogue inputs, each with a pot on them, and have the input values adjust the PWM outputs. Print the PWM values on the serial monitor and note them when you are happy with the output, then hard code them into your final program.

This values are very relative…
You should also think the the same light source, under different scenarios, will be “interpreted” as different color. The way we perceve color is always very dependent on the situation (other light sources, “brightness” and colors of our surroundings).

But here is a page with a lot of information (and even some RGB and Kalvin values) that might be of interest to you!
Reproducing Real World Light: Reproducing the color of real world light

Good Luck!

thank you UKHeliBob boguz I'm looking up stuff now when i try to figure it out I'll post what i came up with thank you. Boguz i looked at that site gave me some really good ideas on the colors thank you. I'll keep everyone updated,

Great link Boguz!

i made this mood lamp, maybe this can also help you.