Programing Software

I have been using Parallax for all my control products. Their a little pricey. So I decided to try your UNO.

Your programming software sucks..

The curser will not go were I need it to be. Its just tearable.

Why would you sell a product that it is so hard to program?

I took me hours because the curser on the screen would just go were ever it wanted, and there was always a square box close to it.

I spent all day tiring to get it to work.

I loaded 1.0.3

I loaded 1.0.4

And the latest version..

They all do the same after a few min. of programming.

Tell me what I’m doing wrong or I’m going back to Parallax..

Their program software is so much better than yours.

You think you would try to compete with the same or a better program.

Tell me what I’m doing wrong...

Impossible. You failed to provide the details necessary to help you.

In the preferences box of the Arduino IDE you can click on Use External Editor and that allows you to use your favourite editor. The Arduino IDE uses the lastest saved version of the file when you click Verify or Upload.

I’m using Linux and Gedit as my editor.

I can’t remember having the sort of problems you describe even before I started using the external editor.

The large number of people contributing to this Forum suggests your experience is atypical.