Programing the ESP-12F


I just bought the esp8266 ESP-12F from Az-Delivery (ESP8266 ESP-12F improved version for ESP-12e, Wireless Remote Serial WiFi module for Raspberry Pi and microcontroller with free adapter board! – AZ-Delivery) and I would need some help to show me how to program it given there's no obviously. I couldn't find a tuto on that. What to order, connections...

Thank you very much

any reason why you bought a naked 12-F module?
if you don't really know how those work I would advise to purchase a NodeMCU Development Kit to get going

Thanks for your reply. Actually, I already tried for my project. I need to get values from different sensors, send it to a server using wifi of the esp8266, and go back to deep sleep mode until next wake up. My project will be powered by a battery (probably Li-ion 18650 3.7V). Right now, it's working fine but the esp8266 V3 is connected via the usb cable. I didn't integrate the deepsleep mode because I didn't have to. I'm working on that independently at the moment. That's why I would need a naked module. Any idea?

OK - then you need a few extra components to upload code

here is an article describing it:

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I should get myself one of these. I use the ESP12F as WIFI add-in module on my custom boards

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Now, I know where to start. I ordered both actually.
Thanks to both of you.

This video from Indrek is absolutely fantastic:

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