Programm Crash after a while, When Arduino connected with USB works

Hello All

I have y strange problem , my sketch works inninitly well when my Arduino Due Board its connect with USB at the PC. But the sketch crash after a while if the board its running stand alone with 3,3 V Powersupply from at PIN 3,3V, and the arduino quits working.... or do i need but to connec the 5V also ?

quite strange... becasue i dont run seriel port or usb or working if incomming data......

Thnaks Raphael

No, you power the board from the Vin pin, NOT the 3.3V or the 5V, you will burnout your Due. The Vin needs at least 6V but it can take up to 12V max.

okay good to know... so not all pins of the atmel its connectet to the 3,3 V out and after a amount of time the kondensator empty ? and the chip fall asleep ?

kondensator empty ?


I mean how are you powering the Due after you unplug it from the USB, and where are you powering it, what pin?

The Due has a 3.3V and a 5V feed, those are outputs, NOT inputs. The Vin pin is the same as the barrel jack on the board.